The All Mighty Bobby Lashley has done the impossible again buy judiciously observing his business at WrestleMania backlash and defeating Braun strowman and Drew McIntyre to retain the WWE Championship.

Prior to their match last night at WrestleMania Backlash, Bobby Lashley vowed to retain his Title few weeks ago during his interview with Kevin Patrick on Raw Talk. Infact Bobby Lashley said that if it happens that he loses the WWE at WrestleMania Backlash then he would challenge whoever that wins the Title and easily take it back.

Watch the video below:

The match kicked off and the 3 men fought and broke their body in the ring to entertain the WWE fans worldwide. They took their rivalry outside the ring and McIntyre slammed Bobby lashley through the LED board at the entrance then he continued to wrestle with Braun Strowman in the ring.

Braun Strowman decimated MycIntyre in the ring but the Scottish Warrior overpowered him with the Claymore then Lashley suddenly came from behind and dragged Lashley out of the ring. Bobby Lashley then hits Strowman with a massive spear and successfully pinned him for the 3 counts to retain his Title.

By Adebayo Taiwo

Taiwo a big fan of Pro Wrestling that is more interested in creating contents for exclusive entertainment.