WrestleMania Backslash ended in a chaotic tragedy for Cesaro as Seth Rollins took on him and destroyed him after his Universal Title match against Roman Reigns.

Cesaro did what other wrestlers have never done in the ring against Roman Reigns last night at WrestleManiaBacklash. The Swiss Superman brought up a huge fight against the Head of the Table and survived Roman Reigns’s summission move more than 3 times before he finally faded and lost the match to the Head of the Table.

After the match ended, Jey Uso hits the ring and ordained Roman Reigns again as the Tribal Chief. He then decimated Cesaro and left him dangling in an agony of pain in the ring. Seth Rollins music hits the air thereafter and he made his way into the ring and continued his rivalry with Cesaro as Roman Reigns departs from the ring.

Watch the video below:

Seth Rollins viciously attacked Cesaro and inflicted severe injury on his arm. He crushed Cesaro’s arm with a steel chair to the steel post and delivered a brutal stomp on the Swiss Superman at the ringside to end WrestleMania Backlash.

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By Adebayo Taiwo

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