Last night SmackDown was filled with chaotic drama and absolute brutality as Roman Reigns took matters into his hands by visiously attacking Rey and Dominik Mysterio during their rematch against the Usos.

The Tag Team Title match happened between Rey & Dominik and The Usos on the early hour of SmackDown, and The Mysterios retained their Titles when Dominik pinned Jimmy while his shoulders were up. The blames were on the referee after the match, and the Uso met with Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville backstage to complain about the match outcome.

Watch the video below:

Adam Pearce orded for the review of the footage of the match backstage when Jimmy and Jey Uso complained that they were cheated. After the review of the match footage, Adam Pearce called on Rey and Dominik Mysterio and made them know that they would defend their Titles against the Uso again on SmackDown.

The rematch took place at the closing hour of SmackDown and it ended in disqualification as Roman Reigns intervened and attacked The Mysterios. Reigns hits the ring and decimated Rey with a spear. He then take on Dominik with a steel step and passed him out, before SmackDown goes into an end.

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By Adebayo Taiwo

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