The Head of the Table ‘Roman Reigns’ has demonstrated dominance and extended his winning streak by defeating Daniel Bryan and getting him banished from SmackDown to retain his Universal Championship.

Tonight’s main event of SmackDown was really a hot one as Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan clashed for the Universal Championship with the stipulation that if Bryan looses then he would be banished from SmackDown.

The match kicked off and it was really a clean one with no partial. Jey Uso and Cesaro were at the at the locker room while while Paul Heyman watched the match from the ringside. Daniel Bryan surprised the WWE Universe by bringing up a big fight against Roman Reigns. Infact Bryan survived a spear from the Tribal Chief and held him with multiple Yes lock but his mission was abortive.

Daniel Bryan did all he could to win the Universal Championship but his power was not enough to take down the Big Dog. The match ended as Roman Reigns fulfilled his obligations again by defeating Daniel Bryan with his submission move to retain the Universal Championship thereby getting the Leader of the Yes Movement banished from SmackDown.

After the match ended, Roman Reigns rolled out of the ring and took 2 steel chairs into the ring in order to injure Daniel Bryan but Cesaro quickly run into the ring and attacked Reigns with multiple uppercuts.

Jey Uso hits the ring and took down Cesaro with a kick. Roman Reigns ended Daniel Bryan with a steel chair attack in the ring and Cesaro was binded to the ring rope by Jey Uso then the show goes to an end.

Do not miss next week SmackDown as it kicks off at exactly 8/7 C inside the WWE thunderdome.

By Adebayo Taiwo

Taiwo a big fan of Pro Wrestling that is more interested in creating contents for exclusive entertainment.