This week episode of Friday night SmackDown started with chaos and ended in pandemonium as Otis viciosly attacked Montex during the early hour of the show and cost him a career ending injury.

The feud between The Street Profits and The Alpha Academy started last week on SmackDown when Gable offered a piece of advice to The Street Profits and got turned down. Otis, however, launched an attack on Montex and Dawkins last week on SmackDown to teach them a lesson for rejecting Gable’s advice.

Last night SmackDown saw Montex Ford versus Gable inside the ring and the match was a very intense one. Montex decimated Gable and he was at the point of winning the match when Otis suddenly appeared from behind and furiously attacked him.

Otis got his hands on Montex and shoved him out of the ring. He went for Montex at the ring side and smashed on the annouce table. Otis further grabbed Montex and connected him with a shoulder force through the steel step before driving him into the ring again. Otis connected him with 2 massive splash from the second rope before Dawkins and other WWE officials came to rescue him.

After the SmackDown went to an end, WWE announced that Montex has sustained a rip fracture and torn intercostal certilage from Otis attack, and the company futher added that Montex is still being accessed at a local medical centre and that any other injury updates will be disseminated to the WWE Universe.

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By Adebayo Taiwo

Taiwo a big fan of Pro Wrestling that is more interested in creating contents for exclusive entertainment.