Edge has been crowned the winner of the 2021 Men’s Royal Rumble match after successfully going through 29 other superstars in the ring. Edge kicked off the Men’s Royal Rumble match and he struggled and survived till the end of the match.

Recall that Edge returned to RAW last week and made some revelations about his current health. He also spoke about the career ending injury that cost him 9 years of his career. He, however, declared at the end of his speech that you would be joining the 2021 Men’s Rumble Match.

Edge and Seth Rollins were the last two men in the ring. Edge became fired up and eliminated him through the top rope. Randy Orton suddenly appeared from behind and delivered RKO to Edge. He tried to drag Edge out of the ring but Edge resisted him and threw him out of the ring through the top rope to emerge as the winner of the 2021 Royal rumble match

By Adebayo Taiwo

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