Friday night episode of SmackDown last night was in a total pandemonium, as The most Rated-R superstar clashed with Seth Rollins to begin the journey of settling their fued.

Edge was in the ring on SmackDown last night to address what Seth Rollins did to him at SummerSlam. He clearly stated that Rollins doesn’t have an idea of the trouble he is about to get himself into. Edge then vowed to go extreme in other to wreck Seth Rollins.

Rollins music kicks off therefater and he heads to the ring. Rollins said it to Edge’s face that he doesn’t hesitate to find out what Edge would do to him if they clash in the ring. Edge became furious and they both clash in the ring.

Edge hit Rollins with a right hand and he fell to the ground. They continued to wrestle in the ring but Edge had a upper hand. Edge hits him with a Future Shock DDT and was about to connect him with the spear before Rollins escaped and ran for his life.

It is glaring that WWE is trying to fix a match between Rollins and Edge at SummerSlam and its super impressive. Edge has been a remarkable superstar and Rollins is always in the ring to burn down is opponent. Let’s leave our comment on this matter untill these phenomenal superstar officially compete in the ring at SummerSlam.

By Adebayo Taiwo

Taiwo a big fan of Pro Wrestling that is more interested in creating contents for exclusive entertainment.