SmackDown will broadcast live tonight from the University of South Florida’s Yuengling Centre in Tampa Florida inside the WWE thunderdome.

Today’s Edition of Friday Night SmackDown will feature series of compelling matches and other events to make the show an anticipating one.

Below are the 5 things that may likely happen tonight on SmackDown:

1. Roman Reigns next challenger may show up.

Last week on SmackDown Roman Reigns opened the show and talked about his victory at WrestleMania and how he fulfilled his obligations by retaining his Universal Championship at the main event . The Head of the Table also added there’s no one in the entire locker room that is ready to face him in a one-on-one match, because they are not in his level.

Cesaro music hits and interupted Roman Reigns, then he entered the ring to address Roman Reigns but The Big Dog walked out on Cesaro and never bothered to listen to what he had to say. Cesaro however, challenged Roman Reigns to a match but The Head of the Table responded by saying that Cesaro had to go through Jey Uso before he can have a match with him.

The match between Jey Uso and Cesaro happened in the main event of SmackDown last week and ended in choas as Seth Rollins came from behind and attacked Cesaro to ruin his victory.

Therefore tonight on SmackDown, Cesaro may likely challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal Title but Seth Rollins becomes an obstacle to his vision of becoming a Universal Champion. If Cesaro dream of becoming the Universal Champion does not materialize tonight then another Challenger may show up against Roman Reigns.

2. What is Next for Apollo Crews?

Since Apollo crews became the new Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania with the help of Commander Azeez, he has not had anyone coming for his Tittle.

Therefore tonight on SmackDown, Big E may likely return and demand for the Intercontinental Tittle rematch from Apollo Crews. If Big E doesn’t show up then Apollo Crews may offer an open challenge to whoever that wants the Intercontinental Championship.

3. Bianca Belair may have a new challenger.

Bianca Belair captured the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Sasha Banks on the main event of Night 1 of WrestleMania and she celebrated her victory last week on SmackDown.

Sasha Banks was seen backstage in an interview with Kayla Braxton last week on SmackDown and she was so furious to the extent that she couldn’t say a word until she walked out of the interview. Bayley was also seen backstage and she vowed to attach relevance to the SmackDown Women’s Championship by challenging Bianca Belair and taking the tittle from her.

Therefore today’s edition of SmackDown may see Sasha Banks demanding a rematch against Bianca for the SmackDown Women’s Championship and Bayley standing as an obstacle against her.

A match may likely be set for Sasha Banks and Bayley with the condition that the winner will face Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

4. The rivalry between Seth Rollins and Cesaro may be ignited.

Cesaro has turned Seth Rollins to an object of ridicule on the Blue Brand by constantly swinging him whenever they clash. Rollins have not been happy with Cesaro swinging him and he tagged it as “Embarrassment and Disrespect”.

However, Seth Rollins attacked Cesaro last week on SmackDown on the main event during his match against Jey Uso and he vowed to unend his fied with Cesaro.

It is important to acknowledge that Seth Rollins may launch a visious attack on Cesaro tonight to continue his rivalry with him.

5. The fied between Otis & Gable and Rey & Dominik Mysterio may continue.

Do not miss out SmackDown tonight as it starts by 8/7C on Fox. You can appear on live TV by joining the WWE thunderdome here.

By Adebayo Taiwo

Taiwo a big fan of Pro Wrestling that is more interested in creating contents for exclusive entertainment.